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And have appointment setters making the calls?

Hit the video play button to listen, scroll down to read.
Hit the video play button to listen or scroll down to read.

We know, it sounds to good to be true right?

You're probably thinking... 

"There's got to be a catch" or... 

"These must be garbage leads" or even...

"The leads can't be live & exclusive"

The fact is... 

None of these things are the case

We only offer world-class lead gen programs and...

The simplest explanation is:

We've created an amazing payment plan option (that's all)

And it makes way more sense (for most people) than spending $1000's upfront & out-of-pocket

Most 'similar' lead programs want $2500-$5000 right away

We realize, for many MLO's that's out of reach 

Some would say its "Ridiculous!"

To make matters worse,

If you want to keep leads flowing...  

Other lead programs require the same BIG payment again each month

That can be a big "OUCH!"

So we fixed that problem, and another really BIG one...

Small Upfront Investments = Quicker ROI

One of the biggest problems MLOs face when buying leads...

Is also the most overlooked! 

Leads aren't converted overnight

Nor do they magically appear all at once 

(If they're live & exclusive like ours)

In A Best-Case Scenario...

It will take at least 6 weeks to close your first deal 

And probably another 2-4 weeks before you get paid on it

That's a LOT of time right there, and...

In An Average-World Scenario...

Most leads don't fully convert into closed deals for 3+ months

It's not a lead quality issue (but it's not rocket science either)

It's simply because there are steps in the conversion process...

- Lead arrives
- Appointment happens
- App is taken (often on a later date)
- Pre-qualification begins 
- They shop for a home
- They find the home
- They close
- You get paid!

If each step took 1-4 weeks...

The time before you make any money can really add up 

We know (as a fact), with all these steps in play...

The first full conversion probably won't happen for 3 (or more) months after lead-flow starts

This is true for ANY & ALL lead programs! 

(These steps aren't different with other lead programs.)

If you're spending $1000's per month on a leads...

That can equal a ton of money spent 

And no $$$ in return for quite a while

It's a cashflow bummer!

A Low Investment Should NOT= Low Quality

There are plenty of low-cost options out there...

But with those other options you'll almost always sacrifice quality for price

When you spend a few hundred bucks per month on leads, that usually means you're getting...

- Aged leads
- Shared leads
- Just a few leads
- Bait & tricked leads
- Or even NO LEADS!

"Why sacrifice quality for price at all?"

You really don't have to!

A Better Option Does NOT = Cutting Corners

Whether this is your 1st encounter with us...

Or you've known us for a while

You should know...

We haven't changed our world-class lead generation programs 

(Except for the many improvements we've made since 2016)

Our programs still include...

- Fresh, exclusive leads flowing in daily
- Lead quantity guarantees

Some programs even include...

- Money-back guarantees

- - - - - - - - - -

So NO, we didn't cut corners...

We just changed the way this is paid for

It's a no-brainer for most MLOs!

But that also means... 

We are NOT a 'cheaper alternative'

We just have a better option to participate...

(Without losing sleep at night over a 'scary' investment)

So if you're looking for a really cheap option: That's not us!

But we might be just right for you if you see why this is a smarter way to take advantage of... 

A proven lead program that can help you exponentially grow your business without breaking the bank.

p.s. Options on this special offer range from about $230 to $500 depending upon the program you'd select and a few other factors.  But we still have more 'normal' payment options too!

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