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2 Done-For-You Packages & 1 Done-With You Training Program
Done For You Packages:
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Why choose the Elite Done-For-You Package over the Basic Done-For-You Package?
The basic package is really designed for individuals and smaller teams.

Those who are really serious about generating tons of leads, supporting a team of LO's, sharing referrals with agents and leveraging the power of the internet for both marketing & lead generation should consider the Elite Package.

In this day and age we live in, multiple touch-points can have a serious impact on the way a consumer views you and your company. The old adage that a person needs 7-12 touches before they know, like and trust you hasn't changed.

With more mortgage & real estate marketing happening online than ever, it is important to create the appearance of omnipresence and consistent reminders with your leads and customers. The Elite Package does just! 

By following your website visitors and leads around the internet (over 80% of all websites to be exact) consumers and leads get the impression that your company is large and 'everywhere'. With an advanced digital marketing strategy like this one, you can do for a fraction of the budget what big companies like Quicken do for themselves.
Done With You Training:
With this program you will learn how to get the same results we get for our done-for-you clients with the basic or elite packages.  
Want to know more?  Click Here to see a video about this program.
  •  Click-by-Click Online Tutorials: Step-by-step video instructions
  •  No Technical Knowledge Required:  Learn the basics & the advanced
  •  Templates For Everything: Don't reinvent the wheel. Use what's proven
  •  Ad Copy Instructions: Learn our method for creating successful ads or copy our dozens of ads
  •  No Recurring Agency Fees: Save your money and put it towards marketing
  •  Facebook Support Group: Quick support for any question or need
  •  1-on-1 Support: Ensures 100% success rate for our students
  •  2 Options: 1-time pay or monthly payments. Schedule a call for pricing
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