Our Programs Work & That's Why We Guarantee Them!

With several $100 million worth of deals closed under our belts and years of experience, we know that our marketing & lead generation strategies produce real results when we work with the right people.

Since we're so confident about what we can do, we want you to be just as confident too.

The details on our multiple guarantees are laid out below on our training programs and done-for-you (client) programs.

All of our guarantees are 'put in writing'...  in our agreement with you!

training program: 30-Day money back guarantee 

We've taught well over 200 MLOs and agents how to execute our strategies to generate qualified, exclusive leads with a 100% success rate.  We know this works and that we can teach anyone!

But we know that you may be wondering if you can actually learn and do what we're teaching, especially if you've failed with another program.

Between our simple-to-execute, easy-to-follow teaching methods & 1-on-1 support there's no way you can fail, but we want you to experience what we do without risk.  Once you do, you won't regret it!

This 30-day money back guarantee is offered on our Lifetime Standard training program.  Options to participate start at $1000.

CLICK HERE for more details on the training program.

client Programs: Can't Loose Guarantees

Our "Can't Lose Guarantees" can be thought of as a break-even guarantees.

 Here's the gist: We guarantee you'll at least break-even or we'll continue to provide no-cost service until you do.

Obviously a goal to break-even would be silly.

That's not our goal, and it shouldn't be yours either.  

With the proper amount of time and effort on your end, there's no reason you can't 3-10X your return on investment (just like MANY others have done).  

But this guarantee is your safety net, so you know you won't end up in 'the red' when you participate in our programs.


  • 60-Day Can't Lose Guarantee
  • Lead Quantity Guarantee

 This is lead type converts quickly in comparison to purchase leads, but it still takes a little bit of time. The typical 'conversion window' for refi leads is about 2-4 weeks. 

When you participate in our refi lead program, we guarantee you'll achieve break-even status within 60-days of launching.  If you don't, our service fees are waived as we continue to generate leads for you until you do.

This program also includes lead quantity guarantees which will vary depending upon what you choose.  Service fees on these packages start at $1250/mo.


  • 6-Month Can't Lose Guarantee
  • 120-Day Closed Deal Guarantee
  • ​Lead Quantity Guarantee

There's a lot that goes into the buyer's journey, including finding a home, putting in offers and finally doing all the other stuff required to finalize a sale.  Therefore, converting home buyers into closed deals is a longer cycle than refi deals on average.   (We shouldn't have to explain this to you, but it's worth reminding you!) 

On average most purchase leads will convert into a closed deal within a 3-6 month window, but there are ways to covert quicker and begin seeing a return on investment in a shorter period of time with our strategies.

Our 3 guarantees on this program works like this:  

You'll close at least one deal within 120 days or we'll continue our service without fees until you do OR if you haven't achieved a break-even return on your investment by the end of 6 months our service will continue without fees.

Just like on our refi programs, most clients will achieve a 3-10X return on investment, but it just takes a bit more time with purchase leads. 

However, our best clients and trainees ALWAYS use their lead source to trade referrals with agents and can begin seeing a return on investment within 60 days leveraging this part of the strategy.  

Guaranteed monthly lead quantities start at 100 leads per month. Service fees on these packages start at $1250/month.

*These guarantees will still require you to spend money on advertising even if our service fees are waived.  Additional advertising spend is accounted for in your overall ROI analysis.

**Lead quantity guarantees are offered for all participants, but you must meet certain qualification criteria to participate in our 'Can't Lose Guarantee' offers.

Our System Demo videos

Whether you hire us to do the work or learn it in our training program, this is our unique process for generating qualified, exclusive leads.

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