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No Cold Calling, Chasing Realtors or Buying leads Necessary!


Get The Most Refined Marketing & Lead Gen System Guaranteed To Fill Your Pipeline in 90-Days With Borrowers That Fit Your Ideal Criteria 

Our Proven Process Has Already Resulted In $100M's In Funded Deals.

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What Makes Us So Different?

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From The Longest Standing Mortgage Marketing Agency 

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  • Exclusive Leads Delivered Daily
  • A Dedicated Appointment Setter Team 
  • ​Intelligent Lead Follow-Up CRM
  • 1-on-1 & Group Performance Coaching
  • ​Powerful Referral Partner Strategies
  • ​No Long-Term Commitments

after working with 2000+ MLOs to generate Over 1.5M leads And More Than $1.5 Billion in closed Deals, we're glad to offer...


No Cold Calling, Chasing Realtors or Buying leads Necessary!

What's The Marketing Include?

  • Exclusive leads delivered daily
  • An in-house appointment setter team 
  • ​Intelligent lead follow-up CRM
  • ​Real-time audience data
  • ​Digital persona fingerprinting
  • 1-on-1 & group performance coaching
  • ​Powerful referral partner strategies
  • ​Custom marketing for your best leads
  • ​Advanced direct mail integrations
  • ​Hyper-targeted ad campaigns

after working with 2000+ MLOs to generate Over 1.5M leads And More Than $1.5 Billion in closed Deals, we're glad to offer...

Eager, High Converting B2B leads

Unlike many other mortgage leads, our REI leads really are B2B leads (not B2C)!

They’re eager to talk to you…

Have a strong grasp on what it takes to qualify…

And in many cases, they’ve already borrowed multiple times before…

And are just looking for the right lender to get the job done

In fact, with our refined funnel process...

25-40% of leads book their own appointments with you automatically

And they do show up the majority of the time!

(We know many lead programs can't say that)

Through The Roof Response Rates

Because these leads need your funds to make their money…

They can’t wait to consult with you

Response rates trend at 70-90%

Especially when you factor-in our world-class lead follow-up automations…

The included appointment setters booking calls for you

And the automated booking option they use the moment they sign up

Economy-Proof, Repeat Clients

Since we’ve already generated well over 100,000 of these leads for 100's of clients, we know…

A large portion of the leads have multiple property lending needs

And they are doing new deals all the time

So that means, all you need to do is be good at your job to earn repeat business for life

And while guidelines on REI products may shift and be challenging at times…

The investor industry has historically strengthened when the economy gets weaker

Investors love snatching up opportunities in down-economies 

Meaning almost no matter what’s going on in the economy itself...

This is an evergreen market for brokers!

Exclusive & Longform = Qualified

Our process requires leads to fill out a 10-15 question form...

Built to your specifications...

Giving you full insight into their project & loan type before you even talk to them

Unlike many other options out there just capturing contact information

Our long-form process pre-qualifies leads with the info needed upfront

And forces borrowers to jump through hoops to talk to you...

Proving they’re serious, mitigating wasted time!

And when our highly trained, in-house appointment setters call down on your leads...

You have yet one more filter in place to ensure your time is well spent!

Customized Marketing & Lead Qualification

We get it, you don’t want to talk with or work with just anyone.

Perhaps you specialize in a particular REI product category or…

You only do loans of X-size…

With our fully customized approach to creating your ads…

Your landing pages…

Your funnels and automations…

You ONLY talk with & take appointments with leads that meet the criteria you set

We build the process, systems and marketing to suit you!

In-Market Data = More Leads & Less Fishing

We’ve done the math and compared the results side-by-side…

And the fact is, using our in-market data approach produces more leads..

For less money that convert and…

Convert at a lower cost per conversion than search-based marketing…

Many of our clients have used Google or similar ads to get clients like these but...

Those clients still turn to us to fill their pipelines

Because search-only marketing fails to compare in both volume and cost!

Massive Scalability

Scaling is hard & expensive with search-based advertising or when buying leads from vendors, but...

With our process, scaling gets cheaper the more leads you can handle

And the sky’s the limits

Many of our larger clients are acquiring 100’s of leads per week! 

But as long as you can handle a minimum of 60-70 per month...

You can start your growth & scaling journey with us, and... 

Wherever you want to go, we can take you there!

The Triad Of Success

There’s no point in leads if you can’t convert them

Years of experience have shown us...

Most brokers don’t know how to best convert online leads, but...

It’s also taught us the best practices for doing so!

We have already serviced 2000+ brokers, and they've...

Received 1.5M+ leads from our programs!

Our powerful Power-Triad Closing Process consists of 

▶ Live group & 1-on-1 Coaching 

▶ The easiest & most advanced automations you've seen and

▶ The Appointment Setters team...

To ensure you’ll convert at the highest level possible 

Even if you're not a pro converter yet

We will get you there ASAP!

Book More Calls: Appointment Setters Included

We live in noisy times!

Notifications here…

Pings there…

Emails filling up the inbox…

Distractions everywhere!

While our automations are great...

The best in the industry, some would say...

Calling leads still increase conversions massively!

But who has the time to call every lead multiple times?

Few do, that’s why our highly trained...

English & Spanish speaking in-house team of experts... 

Will dial for you 100’s of times per month on your leads

And book appointments each week 

And get apps out to your leads

We’ve got all the bases covered!

Advanced Data Solutions = More Ideal Customers 

Want to amplify your results even further?

We truly have some secret sauce allowing us to tap into powerful data...

Digitally fingerprint your ideal clients in real-time and...

Deliver targeted profiles on prospects...

Who've searched for loans you provide in the last 24 hour even if they didn't find you yet!

This advanced data will supercharge your results beyond anything you’ve seen before

We even have the ability to tie in direct-mail campaigns with your digital marketing

And send mail to new leads, website visitors and old leads as well

These advanced solutions are upgrades...

But a great fit for larger clients with massive scaling needs!

We Have The ‘Kitchen Sink’ Solution! Are You Ready To Explore?

Here's precisely what we're delivering to ensure we achieve the results & the guarantees every time...

  Live, exclusive long-form leads delivered daily

  World-class lead follow-up automations

  A dedicated team of appointment setters

  1-on-1 performance coaching and training

  Hand-holding accountability and guidance

  Group Coaching which happens 4X per week

  Referral partnership building systems & strategies

 Lead reactivation campaigns and so much more…

We’ve truly thrown in the kitchen sink

And we can scale your business to dozens of loans per month

We’re pouring every ounce of knowledge and insights we've learned working with over 2000 MLOs these past 7.5+ years into this program...

We've analyzed the challenges and success that have gone into creating the billions in funded deals we've help other MLOs create...

It's all in here.  Our best work ever!

What else could you possibly need?

The only question left is… 

When do you want to start?

Book A Call Here:

Demo calls usually require 45-60 minutes
Please only book a call if you have 2+ years experience with REI loan products, are looking to scale your business & have the ability to invest a few thousand dollars per month at a minimum.
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This is best for MLO's who:

  • Have been in the business for at least 2 years full-time (and still are)
  • Have a good comp plan 
  • Will work leads thoroughly
  • ​Are ready for a 3-6 month marketing journey
  • Are willing & able to invest in their business
  • ​Aren't hoping for us to 'save their business'
  • ​Aren't too lazy to implement new things 
  • Will use our strategies to build 5-10 agent referral partnerships

Not Sure Yet?

Check out end-to-end process slideshow or case study videos below!
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Can I buy a small number of leads to try them out or get a trial?

No, we don't sell leads and we don't offer trials and there are a couple of reasons why.

What kind of commitment is required?

Where do the leads come from?

What is the pricing?

What kind of leads can you generate for me?

How does scaling to get a lot more leads than just 70 per month?

What do you mean you provide automations?

Can I use my own CRM to get leads?

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