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 Below you will see dozens of unscripted interviews, case studies and more!
Producing Branch Manager Uses Multi-Layered Strategy To Consistently Add $2-3 Million To His Pipeline Monthly & Become The Preferred Lender Of Top Producing Agents
Mortgage Broker In Arizona 'Who's Been Burned Before' Shares His Amazing Experience With Our System
Skeptical MLO Changes Mind After Landing 1.7 Million In Refi Deals In His First Month At Under $500 Per Funding

His Email To Me Before This Video Is Below

MLO 4X's His Business After 2 Months In Our Training Program & Uses 'This' As His Main Source Now
Client Lands 3 Deals & Gives Realtor 2 In First Two Weeks (From 9-11-20)
Reports Coming In On 7-28-2020 From 2 Different MLOs (Student on left, Client on Right)
MLO In New England Market Doubles Business 6 Weeks After Joining Our Training Program
How Drew Got 4 Refi Deals ($724,00 Worth) & 3 Pre-Approved Buyers In His First 30-Days 
Rob In Washington Brings In $900k In Loans In 30 Days With Just $750 Spent
How Brian's Closing 3 Million In Deals From Our System & Using Agents To Help
Two Student Crushing It With Our Refi Strategy & Their Posts In Our Facebook Group
Alfonso Talks About Great Leads, Pre-Approvals & Compares Us To Other 'Programs'
 Updated Post From Alfonso In Our Facebook Group From 4-25-20 About How He Doubled Business
Mario Is An MLO In Texas Reporting On His 20X ROI and 11 Refi Deals Landed From $1056 Spent
Dave Has 11 Deals In The Works In Just 6 Weeks
And Now He's Using This System For 85% Of His Business
Joe's A Savvy MLO Marketer That Switched To Our Strategies and Already Has 5 Deals In 30 Days
And Now He's Using This System For 85% Of His Business
700% ROI = $240,000 Profit From Closings
6 month on-camera review with a client who's on track to hit 1400% ROI
4 Pre-Approvals In 2 Weeks Out Of 29 Leads (10-29-2019)
Jon had already been frustrated & burned twice going through 2 well-known training programs that didn't work, but his leap of faith has paid off well & quickly!
Top Producer On Using Our System After 9 Months
Growing the business, referral partnerships and training new MLO's
Student Gets 4 Deals In The First 21 Days & Referred Them All To Realtors! 
Student Gets 5 Deals In 5 Weeks
Student In Los Angeles Is Getting Pre-Approvals Left & Right
Client Expects To 10X Investment In 1st 90 Days
2 month review - already with 2 closed, 8 about to & exploding referral business
Client Is Getting Rid Of Lending Tree After Using This
A client talks about her success with the system, the motivated buyers and the automations
Student Is ROI Positive In Just 4 Weeks
This student has worked with other agencies, gone through courses from Stocks & Darling and he's finally seeing the results he's always wanted. (8-14-19)
Student Talks About Ease To Implement & 2 Months Results
Lane has 12 deals in the pipeline in less than 2 months being in the training program
Student Refers 8 Buyers To Realtors In 1st 3 Weeks
Jed is 'controlling' the leads & creating new & stronger referral partners in just 3 weeks!
Student: 2 Closed Loans & 4 Pre-Approvals On $496
Gentry talks about his experience with the program & how his business has changed for the better
'Secret Sauce' Gets Client Long-Form Leads For $1.43 Each
We talk about real marketing a lot... When you do it right. This is what you get!
Results From Brand New MLO
Raving About Our "Secret Sauce"
Better Than Any Training He's Done
5 Weeks In - No Tech Experience
Student In Canada Confirms 'This Works!'
He's learned everything he needs to from our training to be successful with this on his own (which means he's not paying an agency any more).  If you chose to learn how to do this, we will teach you to fish, so you don't have to go to the 'fish market'.
Student Goes From No Business To Tons Of Leads!
Brand New MLO Gets 3 Contracts In 30 Days
New MLO Get A Deal & Realtor Partnership Day 1
2.5 Weeks In, Client Pays For 3 Months Of Program
Candid phone call with a client who paid for 3 months in the system in 2.5 weeks.
Client Getting A Pre-Approved Buyer Every $167 Spent
Another Client 'Crushing It' Right Out Of The Gate
Not even 2 weeks in and already has 1 in escrow & another pre-approval (4-22-19).
Student Get 2 Deals With Just $500 In Ads
Chat conversation with an excited student who followed our instructions (4-5-19).
Student Get 1st Contract In 30-Days (more on the way)
Student Says The System Has Been "Really Profitable"
Student emailed about how profitable everything has been so far.
Pre-Qual In 7 Days & Referred To Realtor Partner
Here's a client reporting his 7 day results with the system where he has 1 pre-approval out actively shopping with a Realtor he referred the shopper to!
18 Mortgage Appointments In 4 Days
Mortgage leads are offered to book on this client's calendar and what you're seeing here is very typical results.  30-40% of the leads book a call. Only those with credit scores of 620+ are offered the opportunity to book on the calendar.
Here's a screenshot of a FB message from a client with a 700% ROI and a projected 1400% ROI going forward(From 11-30-18)
Using A Ninja Strategy Our Client Got 9 Self-Booked Appointments For Monday Over The Weekend! (From 12-2-18)
Here's a screenshot of a FB message from a client.  3 appointments in just 4 hours after launching her campaign! (From 11-7-18)
From the same client a few weeks later... after she brought in a strong Realtor and received 2 referrals all because of our system! (12-1-18)
And again (same client and now a student in the Immersion Training program) after 30 days. (12-17-18)
Here's a screenshot of a text message from a broker working with us for 3 months.  That's A Monster ROI!!!  (From 7-18-18)
Two emails from the same person on different days
A Facebook messenger chain from someone who's being using us for just a week
A Facebook messenger chain from someone else who's being with us for just a week
And yet another one...
An email from someone else just a few days into working with us
Learn Exactly How This Proven, Guaranteed, System Works, Why It's So Effective & How To Get Started Today.
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I'm eager to show you the system I've developed and talk with you should feel this system might be a fit for your goals.  The system has been developed based on my 15 years of experience in marketing where I've personally spent or been responsible for multiple millions of dollars in advertising.  Everything I've learned along the way has been injected into this system that is literally (yes, literally) guaranteed to produce!

Come Join Me Along With The Many Other's Who Are Growing Their Mortgage Business With This System!
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