affordable loan officer marketing, affordable mortgage broker marketing, affordable mortgage leads
affordable loan officer marketing, affordable mortgage broker marketing, affordable mortgage leads

What if you could add 4-10 deals to your pipeline each month for as little as $230?

This is now possible with our...

Advanced Funding Option

What if you could put 4-10 deals in your pipeline each month programs and ONLY pay just a few hundred bucks a month to get started?

But pay attention to the details in this video!

Since most MLOs make $3-$10k off of each deal they close... 

It's a no-brainer to leverage this option to enroll in our proven, world-class mortgage lead programs! 

Depending upon a few factors...

From that small investment... 

Most of our programs provide 80 or more live, exclusive leads per month...

Making it very realistic to lock-in 4+ deals per month and new Realtor® referral partners on top of that.

You can even use our optional, highly-trained appointment setters to reduce your work & increase conversions!

Of course you'll get all the rest of the awesome stuff included with our programs.

How This Option Works

It's quite simple!

We partnered with a 3rd-party company that will help you get 100% of the funds needed to participate in the program.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Fill out a 60-second application with the lender & they'll do a soft credit pull to determine if you pre-qualify.
  • They'll provide a few options to select from if you qualify (much like you do with your clients).
  • The funds to cover all costs get transferred to your bank in a few days after you select one of the lending options.
  • Take care of our invoice using the funds you now have in-hand. 
  • Make low monthly payments to them (on 2-5 year terms, depending upon what lending offer you selected).
  • Onboard with us in about a week (in most cases).

This can all happen in less than 10 days.

The Best Part Is...

  • Your first payment isn't due for 30 days
  • There are NO prepayment penalties
  • You don't pay us a dime until you've been funded

Who Qualifies For This?

All that's usually needed is a 620+ FICO & a min. of $40k in annual income.

A few of our programs may require slightly higher qualifications from the lender. There are some flexibilities around recently discharged bankruptcies too.

You don't have to accept the funds if you get pre-qualified, but to close and receive the funds...

You'll need to provide the lender W-2's from a current employer where you've been working for 8 or more months.

Or if self-employed, you'll need 2-years of 1099 income docs.

This is a lot like what you do for your clients, but a bit more simplified.

Funding is secured in a person, not a business regardless of status.

How To Get Funded

  • We'll make sure you've decided on a specific program
  • You'll get an exact amount on what to apply for
  • ​You'll also get an exact amount on what we'll charge 
  • We'll send an application link & the lender will review your app within 1-3 business days

But if you have questions, need program pricing or which one to select... 

It's best to book a call now so we can guide you through our program options, explain Advanced Funding and answer any questions.

Why This Makes Sense

Sure, this may not make sense for everyone but it will for most.

If you qualify and don't want to invest the full program costs upfront, then it is definitely a great fit.

But there's one other really good reason to use it...

The fact is, most clients don't realize the full results of any of our programs (nor any lead program for that matter) for 4-6 months.

The reason for this isn't rocket science.

Leads come in each day, not all at once the day you join.  

Remember, we only provide LIVE, exclusive leads, so it takes time to...

  • Generate the leads...
  • Get on the phone with the leads...
  • Get the app...
  • ​Pre-qualify the lead...
  • ​Let them shop for the home (etc.)...
  • ​Then close & get your commission check.

All these steps obviously don't happen overnight.

This option buys you time to fully convert leads & realize a strong ROI before you've spent much money at all. 

You could have your first application before you've spent a dime.

And since there's no pre-payment penalty... 

Just pay off the balance once you've got a few deals closed to minimize the cost of interest.

This just make sense (and dollars)!

The Fine Print

There's NOT a lot of fine print here!

Using our Advanced Funding option does change a few things though.

The full amount of the program will be paid to us in full for whatever terms you've selected.  

For example, a 3-month program would not be paid monthly when you use this option as it would be if you were paying us directly via credit card, etc

With the Advanced Funding program option, we would collect all fees up-front through an ACH invoice but you'd already have the funds in-hand from the lender...

So in most cases there are NO Major Out-Of-Pocket Expenses to get started!

NOTE: Using the advanced funding option will typically increase the overall cost of the program by 6% to cover associated fees the lender charges us.  
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